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Starfleet Journalist

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Starfleet Journalist
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I was browsing old Pages files for writing ideas and stumbled across this. I wrote it a while back when I was still watching Voyager on cable. I was amusing myself with the idea of an objective observer on board the Voyager and recording his perspective of the seven year journey through the Delta Quadrant. On second thought, he's not so objective, as his sympathies secretly lie with the Maquis. I doubt I'll follow through with this. Written with much help, quite obviously, from Memory Alpha.


I was born in Illinois in 2341 and graduated from the Earth Institute of Journalism in 2362. I was an editor for The Maneater, named in reference to an independent news magazine formed in the mid 20th century at University of Missouri-Columbia, home to Earth’s first journalism school. As editor I oversaw several aspects of the paper’s content, including editorials and interspace news. My advisor called me a “gonzo” journalist. I had a tendency to become involved with my interview subjects beyond the traditional rapport. I was suspended my second year when a Romulan I interviewed for a political piece convinced me to join in protests against Federation policy concerning the Prime Directive.

By the time I graduated from EIJ, I was offered few job opportunities; my tendency to become too close to the stories I followed was discouraging for potential employers. However, a good recommendation from my advisor landed me a gig as a freelance writer for Starfleet in late ’63. At times I wrote articles about world economies or about the arts (most especially contemporary Vulcan music), but mostly I did profile pieces on exceptional or important Starfleet personnel. The profile pieces I wrote appeared in the Starfleet news magazine The Starfleet Constitution (named for the Constitution class of star ship). My editor James Mendel and I both found the position ideal; I was allowed to get to know my interview subjects on a personal level which presented an amicable picture for the magazine, yet it also kept me from getting in too deep with the assignment since Starfleet personnel strayed little from the Starfleet line.

I really enjoyed “Personnel Profiles,” as my section was called. It began with talented crewmen, Lieutenant Junior Grades who invented practical devices while on duty in engineering, or Cadets who designed impressive tactical maneuvers during Academy simulations. These types were starry eyed and naive ingenues, so to speak. They were full of hope for the future and had complete trust in Starfleet to protect them and help them achieve. They were still innocent, not yet washed up and demoralized Commanders or sketchy Ambassadors.

My first notable interview subject was Admiral Owen Paris. Admiral Paris had served aboard the USS Al-Batani and eventually helped lead the Pathfinder project. He was the most boring Star Fleet officer I had ever met. He continually droned on about the importance of the Prime Directive and how essential it is to all cultures that the Federation practice the Prime Directive at all costs. The most important thing I learned from Admiral Paris, and in fact many interview subjects like him, was to keep my mouth shut. It was at this point I began to learn how to distance myself from my subjects; to make clear my controversial view of the Prime Directive to Admiral Paris would have cost me my job. It was also around this time that I became very bored with my job.

By 2070 I was still writing for The Constitution, but my sympathies were elsewhere. A few years earlier I had met and interviewed LC Calvin Hudson who was assigned to the Demilitarized Zone after the Cardassian wars. We met on several occasions after my article had appeared; he eventually revealed his loyalties to an organization called the “Maquis.” I don’t care what the bigwigs at the Federation said or thought was right. They had no right to force anyone to leave their home. Giving territory to the Cardassians was even worse, and those spoonheads were beyond cruel to the colonists. Let’s not even begin to get into the whole Bajoran Occupation. Hudson opened my eyes to many injustices in our galaxy and I began to distrust Starfleet and the Federation even more. I never became a member of the Maquis, but I did sympathize with their agenda.

That’s what brought me to Deep Space 9 in 2371. I docked there with the intent of interviewing Benjamin Sisko, who was promoted to Captain the same year Voyager was taken to the Delta Quadrant. He gave me his account of the kidnapping of Gul Dukat and his conflict with LC Hudson, who happened to be a close friend of Sisko. It was supposed to be a soft story, a recap of an old report with a few new quotes.

When I heard that Captain Kathryn Janeway was on DS9 to track down a lost Maquis ship, I didn’t want to lose the opportunity for a new story. I never passed up a chance to write about the Maquis even though I knew my copy would be heavily edited. I managed to find Janeway and asked to come aboard with the pretense of a report about the new Intrepid class Voyager. She hesitated for a moment and reluctantly agreed. I’ve had the chance to write amazing stories for The Constitution and every one of them depended on a “yes,” or a “no.” That yes from Janeway was the most eventful and life changing yes of my life.

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