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What Planet is This?

length: 2:45 minutes
disk: Mini-Album "Ask DNA"
music by: Yoko Kanno
backing vocals: Mai Yamane, Mayu Jensen, Time Jensen, Mataro Misawa
musicians: The Seatbelts info: Wow. Big-Big-Truck says it better than I could ever hope to:
"I want you to imagine the following movie: Godfather of Soul James Brown is on the run from the law, with a bounty on his head. He steals the Blues Brothers' car and a wild chase ensues down the streets of Chicago. Except the cops after him are the guys from CHiPS. And Spike is in pursuit overhead in the Swordfish.
Oh, and it's 1975.
Get the picture? Good, because What Planet Is This is the theme song for THAT MOVIE. When I turned up the volume, the horn section LEAPED OUT OF MY SPEAKERS AND ATE ME ALIVE. It's like the superpowered funk version of Tank!. Trademark Seatbelts saxophone noodling and wailing, plus wockachicka funk guitar.
Three words: OH HELL YES."
sessions: Knockin' On Heaven's Door