Words from David Lucas home about the latest the players episode guide downloads miscellaneous merchandise links gallery For some time, I firmly believed that David Lucas (Spike's VA) and Steve Blum were the same guy. In the interests of finding out the facts, I sent Steve Blum a letter (I couldn't find an address for David Lucas, or I would have sent him one instead.) This is the e-mail that I got in reply:

"Dear Mary,

My friend Steve Blum just passed on a letter you wrote to his agency and asked me to respond. First of all, thanks for all the kind words. Yes, I know we sound alike, so much so, that sometimes I forget what shows I've worked on, hear his voice on TV, and think it's me! It happens all the time. Steve and I are good friends - have been for years, but there is a big problem with you or anyone else putting our names and/or pictures together... You see, Steve is a union actor. I am not. Even with the hundreds of shows I've recorded, I've not yet been able to get a card. It's fine. I make a good living and I keep my anonymity. Steve, on the other hand, does some pretty high profile stuff and if the union even thought he were taking non-union shows (which he doesn't), he could lose his card, his status and his livelyhood. So I must ask a personal favor. Please do not participate in any forums comparing our work - and pass this information on to all of your friends that might be spreading this now rampant rumor. I have never authorized the use of my picture anywhere and my lawyer is advising me to go after anyone that uses Steve's picture to represent me.

I'm sorry to be so elusive, but early on in my career, overzealous fans threatened my security and that of my family. It got so crazy that I had to stop going to conventions. Bebop only made it worse. I wish things were different. I hope you understand.

Please do pass on that I am very grateful to you and all the fans for supporting my work. Bebop is by far the best show I've ever worked on and it's nice to know that folks are enjoying it. As long as this problem stays under control, you'll be seeing a lot more of my stuff out there soon.

Thanks and have a happy, healthy holiday!


I hope this clears up the misinformation that I have helped to spread. Mr. Lucas was also kind enough to answer a few of my questions. Maybe I should have asked him more or better questions, but I didn't want to bug him too much . . besides, I blanked. ^_^; Anyway, here are the questions I asked, and his answers: