"Who's a pretty princess, Jet? WHO'S A PRETTY PRINCESS?"

Fixed link--> And Fuzzy Duck said-eh, "I will take this with me to the Con."
Jet's in a moo-moo and Spike thinks he's Sailor Moon Look! After the series, Spike becomes a reclusive mad scientist and works for SquareSoft. 
  Note the way-too-happy Spike at the bottom. Many doujinshis have gag strips like this one. They're verticle in Japan, where's American comic strips are horizontal.
The only way Mushroom Samba could have been stranger is if this had happened.  Chibi-Faye...ATTACKS.  Gatta love the last frame.
BWA-HA-HA-HA! Yes! Spike has always been handsome, but Tatsumi Miyahara  draws the CUTEST Spike ever.  It's got to be the eyes.
I think I drew something similar to this once in the comic. This is a short doujinshi, laundry.  page 1
page 2 And...I dunno, ironing. page 3
page 4 page 5
page 6 page 7
page 8.  This is priceless.   




Suckers - the fanfic of "very bad spider-ness" and disgusting displays of affection in the form of animal homicide and double-parking.

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