2 AM. Inked sketch.  This was character concept art for a manga I wanted to do for the Rising Stars of Manga Competiton, but I never got around to it.  Army of Bad. Oekaki. My boyfriend "Chair-guy" was traumatized by Bebop cosplay at the Otakon 2003 Convention. I didn't blame him The Night Scene. Notebook sketch. I found Jet's fate at the end of the show to be the most pitiful & cruel. I've often wondered about his life after his prime, just as Ed's coming into her's. 
Broken Links. Notebook sketch. Some people use the internet to escape reality.  Ed's reality IS the internet and the real world is her escape. But relationships are hard to maintain this way, so her "links" to people break easily. Mini-Comic. Oekaki. The smallest comic I've ever drawn.  This was an oekaki I drew over at EK's site.  I was having a hard time with perspective and I wished I could have my own little Spike I could make pose for me at weird angles. Spike Dolly. Notebook sketch. People often ask me "How did Spike survive in your comic?" My answer is, he didn't.  
Detention. Inked sketch. A school project where  we did a demented, child's picture book of the alphabet.  I made references to a bunch of horror flicks. Drunk Again. Oekaki. I did a whole series of pictures with the same title, all with the underlying theme that Spike is traumatized by the events of RFB1 and 2, but Ed is innocently oblivious. Drunk Again 2. Oekaki. Ed thinks that Spike is a complete idiot.  Useful, strong, but stupid.  "He sits out in the rain ALL by himself.  ALL DAY.  ALL WET. Squishy socks. 
Drunk Again 3. Oekaki. I did this one in black and white because I didn't have nay intention of finishing it. It was just going to be an excersize in perspective, but I ended up liking it so I added it to the Drunk Again series. Lonely...but beautiful. Color work.  I suppose this is a song-pic. Har-har.  A-hem.  "But Beautiful" is my fav. love song. You Missed Out On Getting To Know A Really Great Guy Oekaki.
Happy 4th. Color Work. Even though I'm about to turn 20, I still jump and flinch when watching fire works. I cringe and hide under my boyfriend when they get loud. Hubba Hubba Zoot Zoot.  Oekaki. I thought I'd be the only one who would get this joke, but apparently EK got it, too. "Spike and the Bugrom Live?" Lets Play Pretend.  Notebook sketch. A varaition on the Spike doll.  Think "Spike is just a figment of Ed's imagination, and the bounty head is a game of make believe."
Rub Some Funk On It! Oekaki. Another joke only a select few will get, for those of you who read Mac Hall. The Mad Hatter.  Color work. This was a graphic design project, where we redesigned characters fro Alice in Wonderland.  I should include Faye more often in the comic, since I do so enjoy drawing breasts. Magical Tomboy. Color work. Ed needs her own shoujo manga.
Mega Tokyo 3: Color work. A parody to MegaTokyo and Neon Genesis Evangelion. The similarites are striking, no? No Music Box.  Color work. The text in here is the little monologue from the Ballad of Fallen Angels preview.  Spike sounded almost like a poet. =^_^= Fanfiction is evil. Oekaki. After my comic had bene up for a while, I started to notice a trend in fanfictions and in the types of doujinshi being sold on e-bay...Spike X Ed hentai. 0.o I thought I may have been responsible and I felt very miserable for a while.
How Boutny Hunter Spike Spiegel Eats A Reeses Peanut Butter Cup. Oekaki.  This is a very early oekaki. LOOK at his HAIR. ::cringes:: Sad Ed.  Oekaki. Compare the last oekaki with this one, which was done a hlaf a year later.  People tell me that my Ed is very different from the actual Ed, and I can see it here. Back To School.  Color work. Ed would never mesh with school kids and would probably be put in a special ed class by the end of the day (just like me. ^_^.)
Skittles.  Oekaki. Remember the Skittles promotion where you had to guess the mystery flavor of the mysterious white skittle? Slippers and Tea. Oekaki. Snow equals warm drinks and cuddling.  And fuzzy foot wear. Idiot.  Notebook sketch.  Ed, like most teenagers, wants to look cool, and copies things she sees, even if she doesn't understand them.
Snickers Oekaki. Another spoof on candy commercials. Don't Forget Your Spike Doll.  Oekaki. Ed loves her Spike dolly and she takes him everywhere.  
Spike's Room.  Color works. The lyrics to this are from the song Drunk Again, by Reel Big Fish, the same song the Drunk Again series is about. Dress up: Spike's shirt. Oekaki.  It's Spike dolly AND Ed in Spike's shirt!  She outgrew her clothes and she stole Spike yellow shirt and wore it around for a while. Ed in Spike's Shirt.  Oekaki. I just love it when Ed dresses up in Spike's laundry.
Tetris is Russian Mind Control. Oekaki. Back in my 1st semester in college, everyone in the pub had a hard time actually going to class because we had a Tetris arcade machine and we all became addicted. Tetris has no ending, you can't beat the game. I think a game like that would drive Spike insane. Voices. Sketch. I think Poltergeist scarred me for life.  To this day, I'm scared of the dark and I'm particularly frightened of zombies (especially skeletons!) clowns and...spiders. And things with teeth. Ein- the other white meat.  Oekaki. Ein is like Menchi.  In a snap, he's a scrumptious dinner!