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premiere air date: September 2, 2001
summary: Spike and Jet, two smooth (though broke) bounty hunters are introduced. The story takes place in the year 2071, when the Earth has been largely abandoned and human beings make their homes on the other planets, moons and asteroids of the Sol system. Travel between the diverse colonies is accomplished through hyperspace gates. All of the various spacecraft of the series are based on a standardized MONO system, characterized by the separable monopod (this is gone into a little more in later episodes). The story begins with Spike and Jet seeking out a new bounty head, Asimov Solenson, said to be on the aptly named space colony "Tijuana." Solenson is said to be a fleeing member of the Syndicate; in his flight he took their entire collection of a highly illegal and addictive substance "Bloody Eye", which seems to be a kind of speed. Some great fight scenes, and an interesting nonstandard ending, and above-average animation. Very good for a first episode, though not one of CB's best.
rating: B+

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