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premiere air date: October 14, 2001
summary: This fun little episode begins with Spike, Faye and Jet each nabbing a bounty head. Unfortunately their efforts prove futile, since the bounty they were after, the mastermind behind a gate hack scam, wasn't among the hoods they caught. After a little detective work by Jet they discover that the hack was perpetrated by an insider in the Gate corporation. The climax of the episode occurs in a drifter colony where they've tracked the bounty head's location. There are a lot of things to love in this episode. It's not really an Ed episode, but it kind of gives you an idea of Ed's life, as well as the way Spike, Faye and Jet view her. Also, there's a lot of chess in this episode (even the way the episode plays out is like a chess game) and I happen to like chess. Besides, the trippy drifter colony is just too funny.
rating: A

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