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premiere air date: September 30, 2001
summary: In the midst of a melancholic flashback, Jet is called back to reality by Spike. The Bebop is going to land on Ganymede, Jet's home when he was a cop, to turn in a bounty head. Jet's preoccupation is the subject of teasing by Faye, who asks if he's thinking about the girl he left behind. Jet's obvious irritation declares loudly that that was exactly the subject of his thoughts. After cashing in the bounty, Jet goes to "Le Fin", the bar owned by his ex-significant other, Alisa. This whole episode is about Jet's past, obviously, and his inability to bring it to a close. It feels like a torch song made into an anime, in every thing from the way images are used (I particularly like the way, in the bar scene, the camera keeps cutting between a long view of Jet and Alisa and a close up of her speaking) to the music used for the climactic chase scene (ELM).
rating: B

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