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premiere air date: September 9, 2001
summary: Another episode which begins with Faye. This time she's stranded without gas, stuck in Jupiter's orbit. While there, she discovers a nearly-destroyed space craft and a dying pilot, who charges her to bring the case he was carrying to the ISSP. He also warns her not to open it. Meanwhile, Spike and Jet are going after yet another bounty, only to have him killed by eco-terrorists, "The Space Warriors." Lucky (seemingly) for them, the head (Twinkle Murdoch) of The Space Warriors has a much larger bounty than the one they were hunting. Unluckily, Twinkle Murdoch has a few tricks up her sleeve. In a twist of fate, Spike and Jet run into the stranded Faye. This episode is mostly comedic, but it includes a suspenseful-yet-fun scene which takes place in the hyperspace gate. Also, Spike and Faye team up for the first time. All around, a good episode, but we're still in exposition territory.
rating: A-

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