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premiere air date: November 18, 2001
summary: Spike and Jet awake one morning to find that the Bebop unexpectedly on Earth, and Faye and Ed gone. Faye, searching obessivly for some vestige of her past, brought Ed to Earth on the off-chance that she might find the actual location of the fountain which appears on her mysterious Beta tape. I think I ought to stop there. Yeah, it's pretty measly for a summary, but damn, I really can't give you a summary of this episode without spoiling the whole thing. And I have no interest in spoiling it. I prefer that you watch it and draw your own conclusions. "Hard Luck Woman" is the begining of the trilogy of episodes which end the series. Everything that Watanabe has been setting up was leading to this, like dominos falls into place when you flick the first one. And what is the first domino in this case? I would say that it's Ed, surprisingly. Ed lovers, pay close, close attention, my dears. ^_^ All lovers of CB, especially if this is your first time to watch the series: turn the lights down, pour yourself a cup of joe, wrap yourself in a security blanket, and if you can, arrange some rain. One thing I wanted to add, having watched it again tonight - I don't know why, I just love seeing Spike getting his ass handed to him, especially by Applederry. After Cowboy Andy, Applederry is my favorite secondary character.
rating: A+++

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