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file format: MOV
file size: 749KB
length: 0:15 minutes
music: Tank!
info: A commercial to promote the upcoming Cowboy Bebop marathons (Saturday July 20, 2002 and Saturday July 27, 2002) which focuses on the best episodes of the series. Rather short and not up to par with some of the other commercials, but it does have Beau Billingslea narrating.
courtesy of: Toonami: Digital Arsenal
schedule: Saturday July 20, 2002 -

11:00 PM Session 1: Asteroid Blues
11:30 PM Session 5: Ballad of Fallen Angels
12:00 AM Session 12: Jupiter Jazz, Part One
12:30 AM Session 13: Jupiter Jazz, Part Two
1:00 AM Session 25: The Real Folk Blues, Part One
1:30 AM Session 26: The Real Folk Blues, Part Two

Saturday July 27, 2002 -

11:00 PM Session 3: Honky Tonk Women
11:30 PM Session 6: Sympathy for the Devil
12:00 AM Session 8: Waltz for Venus
12:30 AM Session 16: Black Dog Serenade
1:00 AM Session 20: Pierrot Le Fou
1:30 AM Session 23: Brain Scratch

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