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premiere air date: October 28, 2001
summary: This is one of the more interesting episodes, but it's also one of the least action-packed. However, if you like Faye (and I do), then you ought to like "Speak Like a Child." We begin with a montage of images which basically represent the life that the Bebop crew are living, and with Jet telling the story of Taro Urashima [see "references"]. Suddenly, a package arrives for Faye. Faye leaves in a hurry as soon as she realizes something was sent C.O.D. to her with no return address (Faye's made a lot of enemies, you must realize). Spike opens the package to find. . . a Beta videocassette. What follows is a quest venture by Jet and Spike to discover what exactly the tape holds. This is one of my favorite episodes; like all Faye-centric stories, it's both poignant and funny. I find particularly amusing the keen interest that Jet takes in the contents of the Beta cassette; it sort of supports my theory about Faye and Jet's relationship -- if you want to know what my theory is, and you've see all 26 episodes, you can read it here. Be aware, though, spoilers abound! You have been warned.
rating: A+

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