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premiere air date: November 4, 2001
summary: "Wild Horses" begins with Jet and Faye "fishing" for bounties, while Spike is bringing his ship to be overhauled. Doohan, the former owner of the Swordfish II, is the guy who Spike's entrusting his beloved ship to (come on, you know he loves that ship even if he does kick it ^_^). After Spike's return to the Bebop, he finds that Jet and Faye were unsuccessful with their attempts to capture the bounty heads. It seems that the guys they're after have a virus that they transmit by harpooning the attacking ships. As long as they avoid getting harpooned, they'll be OK. If they do get harpooned, Jet's solution is to turn of their ships' computer systems and fly them manually. One misstep on Spike's part, and he's a dead cookie. Now here's an interesting episode. Surprisingly, I've found that others do not have the appreciation for "Wild Horses" that I do. I'm not sure why . . . perhaps it has to do with Doohan. Doohan is the kind of character I like, no nonsense, clever but stubborn. He knows how things work, how to fix things when they're broken. Intelligent yet a man of action, ever ready to take the bold course. Let's face it, despite age differences, he's my type. ;) Another thing about Doohan, I look at him as a reflection either of what Spike could become, or what Spike missed his chance of becoming due to his tainted adolescence. Just a thought.
rating: A-

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