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4/8/02 -- A small update and a change of plan - I wanted to point out that I've updated the link in the Video section to the DVD box set. More and more places are running out of that box set; if you plan to buy it, I would suggest not waiting. The other thing I wanted to mention was that I've changed my plan for upgrading this site slightly. Instead of trying to pay the yearly hosting rate, I'm going for the monthly one. While this will ultimately cost more, I think it's wiser to do it that way. For one, it's clear that I'm probably not going to get the amount I need through donations. If I go the monthly route, then in theory I should be able to cover the charges even if I don't get any donations. I've removed the 'debt-o-meter', but if you want to see a breakdown of charges to donations, let me know and I'll send you my spreadsheet. Thanks again to those who sent me donations! You don't know how much of a help that is.

4/7/02 -- Another essay from me - I decided to write down another one of my theories and add it to the page. You can find it in the miscellaneous section: What's in a Name? Enjoy.

4/6/02 -- Updates on CD box set - CDJapan has updated its description of the CD box set with the following info:

"Limited release until the end of December, 2002. Contains tracks/versions previously not included in albums, rare tracks, and newly recorded tracks. 3 discs (out of the 5-disc set) consist of tracks produced by Shinichiro Watanabe himself + dialog tracks from the show. These contain about 50 tracks, and 20 out of those are previously not included in any of the albums. One of the other 2 discs contains about 9 tracks recorded during the August 2001 conceret "Seatbelts Live 2001 - Earth Girls Are Easy - Saigo no Weekend" and it's also expected to include BGM tracks previously not included in soundtrack albums. The last disc is an 8 cm CD with 2 newly recorded songs and a karaoke that allows you to sing with a dog. Comes housed in a case produced/designed by Frognation & Stereotype Produkts, with a 52-page (expected) booklet."

Karaoke, too, huh? Not exactly sure what is meant by "sing with a dog," though. :p

4/5/02 -- Dunno if this will help anything, but. . . - As you can see, I added a 'debt-o-meter' at the top of the page to keep ya'll informed, and hopefully to encourage people to donate. I really need to upgrade soon, because my host is about to impliment a fee change. If I'm not able to upgrade by the time the fee change is in place, I'm afraid I might have to start taking down MP3s.

4/5/02 -- English section of archived and hosted. - I've got the English section of up and running. The URL that I'll use for the archived site is; that'll be the URL even after I get the Japanese content up as well. Unfortunately, it will be a while before I'm able to put up the Japanese part of the website. First of all, there is still some cleanup I have to do on the HTML. But the big reason is that I simply don't have space yet for the whole thing. I need to upgrade badly, and I don't have the money. Rest assured, however, that I will host the entire archive in time. Many thanks once again to the last of the good guys, TylerL, who grabbed most of the content from for me. Also, I forgot to mention before that the MP3 info pages that I put up were the brilliant suggestion of Mr. Smith. You can thank him at The Bebop board.

4/5/02 -- Blurb in Entertainment Weekly - There is a short review for the first Cowboy Bebop DVD in Entertainment for April 5th. It's not much, but it's still good to see CB acknowledged by a mainstream magazine. Read the blurb here.

4/4/02 -- MP3 info pages added. - After a herculean effort I managed to complete and upload info pages for all the MP3s. That means that when you click on a link to a song from the CDs page or the Episode Guide, you will be taken to a page with all the information that I could find on the track and a direct link to the MP3. Why add an extra click? Several reasons: a) to provide people with a cross reference for the episodes and CDs, b) to give people info about the songs themselves and who performs them, and c) to help prevent too much bandwidth mooching. Of course there's also the added tip jar, to remind people that it takes money to put up all these MP3s, and that I could use a little help on that score.

4/2/02 -- Preorders for CD box set now at CDJapan! - More info from BBT - CDJapan has started preorders for the CD box set! I ordered mine. The total came to just over 95 dollars (that's with the cheaper shipping rate). Now all that's left for me is waiting forever for the thing to come in. ::sigh:: The offical release date is June 21 of this year, and the last month that they will be produced is December, so get 'em while you can!

4/2/02 -- CD box set avaliable for pre-order! - It seems that Amazon Japan has the CD box set for pre order. (thanks to Big-Big-Truck for the info). That means that CD Japan ought to get it soon.

3/31/02 -- Last day for Cowboy - Cowboy Bebop closes down today. The parting message:

"Sorry folks, we have to annouce that this site will be closed down today (31 of March, Japan time). staff are hoping lot more people in the world can watch fantastic TV series and the movie "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" will be distributed soon in your country. Hopefully with your support and request, your local TV station / film distributor / video distributor must have another COWBOYBEBOP site in your own language.

There's also a notice telling people that this parody poster is a fake. Man, people are gulible. I never figured that people would actually believe that that poster was for real. ^_^; Anyway, I have all of archived (except for today's message), and I'll be putting it up soon. The archiving of the site is 100% the work of TylerL, so visit his website and let him know that you appreciate his awesomeness.

3/28/02 -- Continuing website updates - I'm working on fixing and improving various areas of this website, starting with adding information about the MP3s. All of the Sessions pages have been updated with more complete music listings, and I'm working on individual info pages for each song. Also, I finally updated the Merchandise section with information and links on the books and graphic novels that are availiable in the US. I might add info about the Japanese artbooks/filmbooks that are available, just for the sake of being complete, but that's not my first concern right now. I'll keep you posted on the updates as they come.

4/17/02 -- Anime Central 2002 - Acen is in a couple of days - anyone going? (other than BBT, that is) The guest list boasts two names recognizable to Cowboy Bebop fans everywhere - Melissa Williamson, ADR director for the English dub and voice of Julia, and Toshihiro Kawamoto, character designer for Cowboy Bebop. If you do happen to go, keep your eyes and ears open! Write down anything that seems noteworthy. And if you take any pictures, ask the persons you are photographing if they mind if you post the pictures online. Of course, I'm not saying you have to give any info to this website, per se, but I'd sure appreciate it. :) At any rate, even if none of you guys goes to ACen, we can always count on a report from BBT. (I hope)

3/27/02 -- : :Sob!: : I really, really, really wish I could read Japanese - On Cowboy today, there appears to be an apology about the fact that they never had more than one chapter of Bebop U.T. up. Moreover, there's some additional info added to the (Japanese) Bebop U.T. page. I tried to read it through Altavista's Bablefish translation page, but it's pretty garbled. It starts out with an apology. Then there's clearly some character and location descriptions (amusingly, Bablefish doesn't seem to recognize the word "Seatbelts" - it translates it as "seat Bertz" :p). Those descriptions are followed by what I *think* is a full synopsis of the intended story for U.T.

3/23/02 -- More icons - Added some 'Knockin' On Heaven's Door'-themed icons, courtesy of Banri Tukiya. Also, I added a link to Wendee Lee's website to the links page. (thanks to John Isles, iv for pointing it out that website to me)

3/22/02 -- Beau Billingslea. Yum. - Isn't Beau Billigslea a doll? (screen cap by John Isles, iv). Makes me wish I actually watched "JAG", even if he was only a guest star. Maybe if I'm lucky he'll make an appearance on "Law and Order."

3/21/02 -- A couple of small updates - I added some really great AIM buddy icons to the website, courtesy of Ryan's World. I'm particularly fond of the Big Shots icon. ^_^ Another section of the website that I updated was the About page. At the behest of one of my alert readers, I included some info about myself. Bleh. I feel like rewriting it with a bunch of interesting lies . . .

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