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11/23/01 - Not a huge update, but I wanted to point out that I added a new link to links page, Big-Big-Truck's Cowboy Bebop site. It's wickedly funny and the artwork is incredible, I can't imagine how I forgot to put it in the links page earlier. One thing, though, a few of the parody images are spoilerish, so be careful if you haven't seen the last episode yet.

11/22/01 - I uploaded a couple more things for the Downloads page: a) the original Adult Swim Commerical for Cowboy Bebop (the long one) and b) the original Japanese intro. Both of these downloads were captured and encoded by the fine fellows at Toonami: Digital Arsenal.

11/21/01 - I've added a new page to my website for miscellaneous things like interesting articles and downloads. To view it, click on the new link in the menu called "Miscellaneous". Also, an update on Cartoon Network's schedule. CN is indeed going to be playing ALL THREE "banned" episodes on Cowboy Bebop's second run. This news comes from Toonzone. Whoo hoo!

11/21/01 - And some even better news than what I posted last night! Both Sympathy For the Devil and Waltz for Venus are on the Cartoon Network schedule for the second run. Yay!

11/21/01 - Some interesting (and hopefully, true) rumors from The Unofficial Adult Swim Website:

"This Sunday, 11/25, CN may air The Real Folk Blues Part I & II instead of what is currently scheduled. Also, previously unshown CB episode Sympathy for the Devil may air on 12/16."

Also, I added voice reels for Faye and Jet's voice actors.

11/20/01 - I know this will probably increase my bandwidth like crazy, but I've uploaded an .mov of the trailer for the Cowboy Bebop movie, Knockin' on Heaven's Door for you guys to download. You'll need the Quicktime player to view it. Of course, if you don't have the Quicktime player and you have a fast enough connection to be able to stream content, then you can always go to the official Cowboy Bebop website and watch the trailer with the Real Player. I know the movie trailer is very old news, but I figured that some of you are just getting into CB from it's broadcast on Cartoon Network (heck, I built this website on that premise) and haven't seen it yet.

11/18/01 - The complete edits for Hard Luck Woman and The Real Folk Blues, pt. 1 are up. Lots of blood edits, tonight, which I suppose is to be expected, but. . . well, I think they could have shown a little more than they did. A huge part of Vicious' character is that he craves the blood of others. It's kind of supposed to throw Spike's character into sharp relief, since he was Vicious' twin in the old days, you know? No use complaining about it, I suppose.

11/18/01 - Summaries, MP3s and references are up for Hard Luck Woman and The Real Folk Blues, pt. 1

11/17/01 - The pages for Boogie-Woogie Feng-Shui, Cowboy Funk and Brain Scratch are complete.

11/17/01 - Praise the lord and pass the ammunition. It seems that The Jazz Messengers will not be falling into oblivion. I'm still worried about some people not being able to find it, but thanks to a couple of really terrific guys linking to me, the bad effects of not being able to redirect are buffeted somewhat. I'm talking about Outerspacekid of The Unofficial Adult Swim website, and Spike Spiegel of Asteroid Blues. I love 'em both, they really helped me out in my time of need. Not to mention that their sites are stellar.

Now, you're inevitably asking, where's the update? The edits and MP3s for the new episodes are up, but no summaries. Well, I'm finding them a bit tough to write just now, but they will be up before tomorrow.

11/16/01 - $#!@&% My website got erased, I'm sure you noticed. ~_~; I hope anyone who likes my website is able to find it here. If I could, I would re-direct from the old URL, but at the moment I can't get into my account. I hate it when crap like this happens. Also, I haven't updated completely with summaries and edits for the past couple of episodes, I promise I'll get them up sometime tomorrow. I've been sick this week, that's why I didn't finish them sooner. It would have been done today, but I've been busy trying to get my site back up. Word of warning to you all: never use Freewebsites if you can help it. *sigh*

11/5/01 - I've put up the edits for Wild Horses and Pierrot Le Fou. Sorry they took longer than usual this time, but I was just too tired last night to post them.

11/4/01 - Episode summaries have been posted for Pierrot Le Fou and Wild Horses.

10/29/01 - Edits for Mushroom Samba and Speak Like a Child are now up.

10/28/01 - The episode summaries and references have been put up for Mushroom Samba and Speak Like a Child. As usual, the edits will be posted here early tomorrow morning.

10/26/01 - Can't wait for a domestic release of Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' on Heaven's Door? Have a DVD player that is multi-region? You can now preorder the R2 DVD of the movie at CDJapan.

10/24/01 - You guys will be happy to hear that all the MP3 links work now. I'm debating whether or not I should upload some of the tracks from the movie soundtrack -- let me tell ya'll, some of those tracks are smooth. I'll think about it. Meantime, try not to use up too much of my bandwidth, or it'll be troublesome. ;)

10/22/01 - The edits for My Funny Valentine and Black Dog Serenade are up. I'm still working on uploading the MP3s, they should be up sometime this week.

10/21/01 - I have the basic summaries, references and songs up for My Funny Valentine and Black Dog Serenade. I'll have the edits up early tomorrow morning. Another thing that you will all be happy to hear is that I finally got some real web space for the MP3s, now all I have to do is upload them all.

10/15/01 - The edits for Jupiter Jazz pt. 2 and Bohemian Rhapsody are up.

10/12/01 - Really amazing. This web page has reached 1000 hits. I guess I ought to have expected more traffic than my first web page got when it "went public" (that was the Oracle of Panda) But I never expected 1000 hits in three weeks! Thanks for the support, folks! Especially, thanks to Asteroid Blues and The Unofficial Adult Swim Website for giving me a kindly boost by linking to me. ;)

10/8/01 - The edits for Toys in the Attic and Jupiter Jazz pt. 1 have been put up.

10/4/01 - Wow. Asteroid, one of the best CB websites out there, is actually linking to The Jazz Messengers calling it "a promising new CB site well worth your time." I don't know what to say. I'm so honored. Too bad I have to add a postlude to that lovely announcement - apparently the links to the MP3s don't work at all. *sigh* Not to worry, because they will go up eventually. But because of some issues, it's not going to happen right away. In the meantime, you can try FTP, which seems to work quite well.

10/1/01 - Ach! If it's not one thing, it's another. My page was deleted, and I think I know why. Anyway, I think I fixed the problem Freewebsites had with me, so it's all good.

OK, so I've got what I hope is a temporary fix for the MP3s. I've provided FTP info for you guys, if the links don't work. My only worry is that having more than one person log in a the same username might not be allowed - I don't know if it is or not. If it's not, then I guess you guys will either have to try the links (bad, because they're slow. Not as bad if you have a broadband connection) or wait for me to get my new host. I also put up the edits for Jamming With Edward and Ganymede Elegy; but that's a rather meaningless statement, since there were no edits. ;)

9/30/01 - More MP3s added, and I also put a new reference in for Ballad of Fallen Angels.

9/30/01 - BLARG! MP3 troubles. None of the MP3 links work right now. They will go up on a permanent home eventually, I promise you. This is how it is right now: I have a place to put the MP3s. The situation is that I won't be able to put them there for a month or two (don't ask why, a long story). Bad, right? Well, the good news is that I found a free Slavic web-hosting place that gives me unlimited space, lets me do the MP3 thing, and isn't worried about remote loading. They do have their problems, though. The main one being that they are slow. ~_~; I'm going to upload my MP3s there for now, and change the links when I get the chance. If they end up being too slow then what I'll probably do is give you my user name and password for that host and just let you guys FTP from there temporarily. Thanks for your patience.

9/29/01 - I've added a few MP3s to the site, most notably the Mai Yamane version of Rain (that's the version that actually plays during the series) and also Goodnight Julia from Jupiter Jazz. All my updated MP3s may be found on the CDs page. I've also updated a few of the episode pages to include the new MP3s. I will be adding more, but these things take time. I beg your indulgence.

Also, according to the Unofficial Adult Swim Website, the two episodes which will play this week are Jamming With Edward and Ganymede Elegy.

9/26/01 - The MP3s have been fixed. I'm looking right now for a permanent place to house them, since Angelfire doesn't appreciate my using them for storage. ^.^; Also added a couple references to Asteroid Blues, Stray Dog Strut, and Honky Tonk Women

9/23/01 - I just added the edits to Ballad of Fallen Angels and Heavy Metal Queen

9/22/01 - Cowboy Bebop begins again this Sunday, September 23 with Ballad of Fallen Angels and Heavy Metal Queen In other news, I've finally gotten around to launching this site. ;)

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