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8/01/02 - "...'cause they were very delicious cheesecakes." -- I've finally finished the pages for the new MP3s. So now the episode guide names every single song that appeared on the series (including the unreleased ones). I'd better not be getting any more e-mails about it. It appears also that I've exceeded my bandwidth for one of the accounts, which I guess means that I don't have the downloads spread out evenly enough. I wish damned Gearhost would get off their collective duffs and re-setup the account that they canceled. As you may have noticed, has been down a month, thanks to my falling out with Gearhost (and their refusal to give me a refund). Even condescending e-mails don't seem to work on them anymore. Rarr.

7/24/02 - New download added; Second marathon for next Saturday. -- I added the Cowboy Bebop intro that was used for ASA during the marathon to the downloads section. I'd also like to remind everyone of the second marathon that'll play this saturday:

11:00 PM Session 3: Honky Tonk Women
11:30 PM Session 6: Sympathy for the Devil
12:00 AM Session 8: Waltz for Venus
12:30 AM Session 16: Black Dog Serenade
1:00 AM Session 20: Pierrot Le Fou
1:30 AM Session 23: Brain Scratch

Interesting what they've chosen as the 'best' episodes. The first marathon makes perfect sense; the second one, not so much. I certainly would have included Cowboy Funk, Hard Luck Woman and Speak Like a Child to a list of the best of CB. And I most definately would not have included Waltz For Venus on such a list. It's all a matter of taste, though; and I can hardly complain - I'm always happy to see CB get more exposure.

7/20/02 - Reminder -- Don't forget the Bebop marathon tonight:

11:00 PM Session 1: Asteroid Blues
11:30 PM Session 5: Ballad of Fallen Angels
12:00 AM Session 12: Jupiter Jazz, Part One
12:30 AM Session 13: Jupiter Jazz, Part Two
1:00 AM Session 25: The Real Folk Blues, Part One
1:30 AM Session 26: The Real Folk Blues, Part Two

If you haven't seen the ending of the series yet, then do not watch the last two episodes. Trust me on this one.

7/16/02 -- English cast to be retained! Yoko Kanno also making an appearance at BAAF! - Mike Toole of Anime Jump just posted the following press release at Anime on DVD (emphasis added to the relevant passage):


Much Anticipated Film Debuts August 30th With Widely Popular Original English Voice Cast

New York, NY - The Big Apple Anime Fest 2002 (BAAF 2002) is proud to announce that the festival will premiere the theatrical English dub version of "Cowboy Bebop: The Movie" on August 30th, 8:00pm at Loews State Theater (Virgin Megastore) in New York City's Times Square. At the premiere, Cowboy Bebop director, Shinichiro Watanabe, score composer, Yoko Kanno and character designer Toshihiro Kawamoto will be on hand to meet their legions of fans. Cowboy Bebop is also currently an enormously popular animated TV show, currently seen in the U.S. on Cartoon Network. The show, which fuses compelling sci-fi elements with an amazing soundtrack, has been called one of the greatest Japanese anime imports ever. Cowboy Bebop fans have not only been eagerly anticipating the movie, but they also successfully lobbied to make sure that film included the original English-language voices they have come to know and love. Cowboy Bebop is scheduled for release by Columbia-TriStar Pictures in early 2003.

Cowboy Bebop takes place in outer space during the year 2071. Spike Spiegel, a former gangster and Jett Black, a former cop are a bounty hunting team who chase down the galaxy's toughest criminals for the price on their heads. Throughout their action-packed adventures, they are joined by Faye Valentine, a cool, confident, sexy gambler and Ed, a brilliant, teenage computer hacker. David Lucas is the voice of Spike Spiegel, Wendee Lee is Faye Valentine and Beau Billingsley is Jett Black.

Ryoko Maebayashi, Big Apple Anime Fest Coordinator, says she is thrilled to premiere Cowboy Bebop: The Movie at the 2002 festival. "Cowboy Bebop is one of the greatest anime shows to come out of Japan. The English language version will be a true event and we are proud that fans will be able to see this film first at BAAF 2002.

Furthermore, Vince Averello just sent me the following:

Just got mail from BAAF - Yoko Kanno will also be at AXNY/BAAF :-)

Ah, life is so very good. :D

7/15/02 -- BIG ASS NEWS FROM BAAF! - Thanks to wen-wen of the Bebop Boards, we now know that Shinichiro Watanabe and Toshihiro Kawamoto will be at the dub premiere of Cowboy Bebop at the Big Apple Anime Fest! A look at the schedule confirms the presence of both men for a Q&A session during the premiere. Ah, if only I lived near enough to NY to attend. If you are and are planning on attending, for the love of green hair, take notes!!

7/14/02 -- Sister Moon, be my guide. - I've added the longer CB marathon promo, thanks again to Tyler L.

7/14/02 -- It's absurdly silly, the things that make me happy. - TylerL, the best man in the world, just captured the latest CB promo for me. This one is a commercial for the upcoming Bebop marathon. It's narrated by John Billingslea, who's becoming something of a regular down at CN.

7/13/02 -- Knockin' On Heaven's Door confirmed for the UK - From Anime News Service:

I recently attended a press screening of Metropolis at which I had the opportunity to question a representative of Columbia Tristar UK about their future anime-related plans. The important news is that she confirmed that they are planning a UK release for the Cowboy Bebop movie. A theatrical release is still uncertain, but a VHS/DVD release should be out early next year at the latest. No other releases are planned (rumours connecting them with the Cowboy Bebop TV series are unfounded).

7/13/02 -- Second week of CB pre-emption for Yu Yu Hakusho - I wanted to remind everyone again that Adult Swim Action will be all Yu Yu Hakusho tonight. Also, if you wanted to catch the episode of Extended Play that mentions the Cowboy Bebop game, it'll be on again tonight at 5pm eastern standard time. I'd suggest watching it, not only because of the mention of the CB game, but because the entire episode is basically a tribute to anime styled games. They have reviews of the Initial D game, the .hack RPG, an anime style flight sim called SkyGunner (which is reminiscent of the flying machines of Hayao Miyazaki) and my personal favorite, Gungrave - art design by Yasuhiro Nightow, the creator of Trigun. It's worth a look.

7/12/02 -- Cowboy Bebop game mention on Tech TV. - Thanks to some info from Wraith, I found out that Tech TV's weekly show "Extended Play" mentioned the Cowboy Bebop game. You can view a clip of this segment of the show here. Just a blurb, really, but I like seeing CB get mainstream recognition.

7/9/02 -- Dear god, I hate Gearhost. - Apologies for the temporary downtime of this site, it was entirely the fault of Gearhost. I'm trying to change to a different host right now, but the fucks at Gearhost aren't being too helpful. If they were trying in every way possible to make me wish I had never signed up with them, they couldn't do a better job than they're currently doing. For about four days, I've e-mailed and phoned them, and gotten barely any response. My advice to all you out there is to never, never sign up with Gearhost for anything.

7/6/02 -- Yet another AX update - From Anime on DVD:

[Bandai] will be releasing the 6 Cowboy Bebop episodes that were remixed in 5.1, and they will also be releasing it in DTS. It will be japanese and english. $34.95 for a 2 DVD set.

In short, Bandai is releasing Compilation 1 and Compilation 2 stateside. :)
sources: Anime on DVD and Digital Sin

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